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Lotos Mig250i welder

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General Overview
The welding machine applies the most advanced inversion technology in the world.
The principle of inversion is to transform the power frequency of 50Hz/60Hz into direct current and invert it into high frequency through high-power device IGBT, then perform voltage-drop and commutation with the output high-power D.C power supply via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Since the switch power inversion technology is adopted, the weight and volume decrease greatly while the conversion efficiency increase by more than 30%。Its characteristics are: stable wire feed rate, little splatter, portable, energy-saving, low electromagnetic noise.
Our CO2 gas shielded welding machine is equipped with unique electronic reactor circuit, which can precisely control the short-circuiting transfer and mixed transfer resulted in better performance than other machines. Compared with silicon controlled welding machine and tapped welding, our products have the following advantages: stable wire feed rate, portable, energy-saving, electromagnetic noise free. Besides, our products spatter less, easier arc starting, deep welding pool, high duty cycle etc. With high efficiency and energy-saving features, this equipment is applicable in large-scale plants such as shipyards, steel structure plants etc.


250amp MIG TIG and Arc welder
Take up to 15 kg wire
Single phaese
Optional to connect spoolgun

Package Include:

MIG torch ,
TIG torch
Electrode holder
Gas hose
Ground Clamp
Gas Regulator


Power voltage(V)------1 phase ,240V±15%
input Rated current(A)------MIG:47.3 TIG:35.6 MMA:53.5
No-load voltage(V)-----60
Output current (A)-----MIG:50-250 TIG:20-250 MMA:25-250
Output voltage (V)-----MIG:16.5-26.5 TIG:10.8-20 MMA:21-30
Duty cycle(%)-------60
Power factor------0.73
Wire speed(m / min)------2-16
Post flow (S)------1
Wire diameter(mm)-----0.8/1.0
suitable thickness(mm)-------0.8-8
Protection grade------IP21
Insulation grade-------F
Cooling method------Fun-cooled
Weight (kg)-----55
Dimension (mm)-------995x330x740
12 monthes warranty