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About Us

The Swapmeet.net.au website is owned and operated by Swapmeet Online (Aust) Pty Ltd.


Swapmeet is 100% Australian owned and operated.

All owners of Swapmeet are located in Bendigio, Victoria, Australia.

The owners of Swapmeet have been attending Swap Meets and Collectable Fairs
throughout Australia for many years. After speaking with many vendors at these
Swap Meets and Collector Fairs it became obvious that the general Australia
public have become increasingly unhappy with the lack of competition within the
online Auction, Buy and Sell websites that are offered to them in Australia.

The owners of Swapmeet decided that it was time to change that and bring some competition
to this marketplace and give all Australians another option to sell their goods online.


The Swapmeet system has been designed for ease of use while maintaining rich features
that Buyers and Sellers have come to expect.


The team at Swapmeet is committed to providing a user friendly website and offering 1st class support to users.

The team at Swapmeet is also committed to supporting Local Australian Charities and
Clubs through the Swapmeet Partner program.


We need your support.


The challenge for any new business is exposure and attracting new Buyers and Sellers to use
our Swapmeet website. The Team at Swapmeet has spent considerable time and money on developing
a Search Engine Optimisation program to help our users products be found on the major search engines.

The more users we get throughout Australia using the Swapmeet website then the better marketplace it
will become for all users.


You can help us spread the word by sharing our website on social media sites like facebook and twitter
below is a small advertising video that you can use to share the Swapmeet website.