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(8)miswak(6")+miswak holder peelu natural hygeine

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package includes 7 miswak of 6 inches each and 1 holder with 1 miswak of 6 inches
Miswak available in Fresh , Brush and Premium quality 
Our Miswak or Sewak manufactured, processing and packed under most hygienic environment using state of the art technology. Our miswaks quality are 100% Peelue (salvadora persica) and Brush Quality fresh miswak, in 6 Inches long  
In Flavoring : Natural Flavor
Packing: Printed and plain Shrink vacuum warped packaging guarantees sealed freshness. 
Miswak is a stick taken from the roots of arak tree (slavadora persica). This tree is also called peelu and Arak in arabi. Miswak is used to brush the teeth. Besides spiritual benefits of miswak, it is good for maintenance of one's gums and teeth and it also refreshed
the mouth, eliminated odours, improves the sense of taste and keeps the teeth glowing. 
Recently researches recommend and encourage the use of these sticks as an effective tool for oral hygiene. Using the miswak twice a day on a regular basis may reduce incidence of gingivitis and possibly dental caries. Apart from its antibacterial activity of dental plaque. It can be used effectively as a natural tooth brush.
Miswak Miswak is gift for humans from nature. Miswak is a twig obtained from the tree of Salvadora Persica and is used for cleaning teeth. Its enormous benefits make it the best medicine for oral and dental health. It is part of different toothpastes and many herbal medicines.
For centuries, the use of miswak is evident; history shows that use of miswak is as old as the civilization itself. It is cheap and you can buy bunch of them for few bucks. Unlike toothbrushes, it is biodegradable and causes no harm to the environment. Scientists have been working for years to explore the benefits of miswak. Even though many of its benefits are proven but the research is still in progress to discover all of its positive properties.
Comparative Study of Chewing Miswak Sticks and Tooth Brushing
The research was published in the journal of oral and dental health. It is proven through this research that chewing miswak stick is more beneficial than tooth brushing; miswak is more potent in eliminating plaque and gingivitis. It enhances the oral health by removing plaque producing bacteria and stops them from causing any infection.
Paraclinical Effects of Miswak on Dental Plaque
This was an extensive research and was conducted on a large scale. For this research different samples were collected and they were divided into two groups. One group was using miswak for getting rid of dental plaque where as the second group was given a toothbrush for the same purpose for a week. After one week, both were examined again and it was discovered that miswak using group was in a much better position as compared to toothbrush users. The overall oral health of the miswak using group was very much better and the plaque was also removed up to a large extent.
Oral Hygiene and Periodontal Status Associated with the Use of Miswak or a Toothbrush among Saudi Adult, Population
The focus of this research was young and adult population of Saudi Arabia. In Arab, use of miswak is very common and from a layman to a top class businessman, every one uses miswak. They carry miswak twig with them everywhere. The overall oral health of these people was found to be much better and there were no side effects of it. There were negligible traces of plaque, gingivitis and bad breath. Also the gums of these people were said to be in perfect health.
Research on Elements Found in Miswak
Miswak is full of healthy nutrients and health promoting elements. It contains fluoride in huge quantity which is crucial for tooth health. It makes teeth stronger, whiter and prevents decay. It contains vitamin C, silicon, salvadorine and trimethylamine. It also contains potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides.
These are only few researches, showing the effectiveness and benefits of Miswak. Besides these, there are many other researches too but none of them shows any negative point towards the use of Miswak
Miswak is being used in place of tooth brush for centuries.Benefits of miswakMiswak is being used in place of tooth brush for centuries. Benefits of miswak make it one of the most popular and natural ways for cleaning teeth. It does not only clean the teeth but it also prevents them from many diseases. It improves the overall dental health. Miswak is full of amazing properties and is an excellent aid for oral hygiene. It works as an antibiotic and prevents the teeth from any bacterial attack. It also prevents and cures a gum disease, known as gingivitis which occurs due to bacterial activities. It helps in eradication of plaque which is one of the reasons behind gingivitis. It also reduces the chance of periodontitis
Miswak makes gums healthy due to which the teeth becomes strong.
Miswak also clear the throat by removing the bacteria.
Using miswak sticks for teeth also helps in food digestion.
Miswak helps removes bad mouth odor and create pleasant odor in mouth.
Miswak also enhance the sense of taste.
Miswak is also know to be a cure of toothaches and headaches.
Miswak removes the off-white color layer of teeth and make them glowing and shiny.
Miswak is also known to be cure different illnesses. 
Miswak saves the teeth from decay
This multipurpose stick cleans the mouth, whitens the teeth and sweetens the breath!As-Sunnah Miswak can be used any time, anywhere. It completely dispenses with theneed for toothpaste squeezing, vigorous brushing, foaming at the mouth.
There are numerous benefits and advantages of using MISWAK, and also severalProphetic Traditions (Sunnah) regarding it's use.
A miswak should be one hand span in length when selected. If it becomes dry, it should be soaked in rose water to soften the end bristles. The end should be cut afresh to ensure hygiene and should never be stored near a toilet or sink. The brush may be created by cutting Salvadora persica's branches instead of its roots (as done in the Sudan), keeping in mind that the tree's roots can retain humidity more so than its branches. This favors more long-term usage.
How to use miswak is the first question which comes in to the mind of those who are not familiar with it. Using miswak is no rocket science and anyone can use it easily. Before starting to do miswak one thing should be kept in mind that the size of the miswak twig should not be greater than 6 to 8 inch. When you get a miswak and you are ready to use it first of all wash it nicely with your drinking water. Next, start chewing it from one end, keep chewing it till its fiber becomes separated. Once the fibers are separated, one can start using it like a toothbrush. Take it into your mouth move up, down, left and right, just like a toothbrush is used. After finishing, wash your mouth with normal water.