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400 PACK BAMBOO Flushable Liners Nappy Insert Cloth Biodegradable ORGA

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400 sheets Bamboo Nappy Liner Rolls of 100 sheets each - total 400 sheets!



  • Make nappy changes even easier!
  • 100 per cent bamboo
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Compostable and Flushable
  • 4 Rolls of 100 pieces
  • Size 150mm x 280mm 

How to use:

  • Lay the liner inside nappy (sitting closest to baby's skin)
  • Moisture passes through the liner into nappy, solids remain on liner.
  • Remove and flush when changing nappy.
  • *(cut or fold in half for newborns)


Only use the gentlest, softest and safest products on your baby's sensitive skin. Each roll consists of 100 sheets, perforated between sheets to make your life easier during nappy changes when you have your hands full and you need a nappy liner sheet fast! Each sheet is 15x30cm, the perfect size to fit snuggly on top of your baby's nappy insert (or disposable nappy) and protect her soft skin!

Fantastic Premium Quality... 

Strong and Durable, premium quality
Customers, please beware of cheap fake liners which are blended materials or not actually bamboo at all despite claims. Be confident, as our regular customers are, that you are buying genuine QUALITY at the best price from us!

100 Per Cent Bamboo

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What you get when you buy from Kindy Ecobaby Shop:

  • Brand new 400 sheet Pack Flushable Liners (total: 4 Rolls of 100 sheets)
  • Free subscription to the fortnightly KindyNews newsletter
  • Sent via Australia Post or Courier. 
  • To Purchase Nappies and other Great Products From our web-shop  
  • Free sample pck cloth nappy laundry eco detergent


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