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Two reels of cotton webbing cloth strap and a roll of Grey Scotchlite

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  • Navigators, Victoria, Australia
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  • 28/06/2017

                 Two rolls of Cotton Cloth webbing one is green and one is blue as seen in the photo's and one reel of grey scotchlite reflective material . Note this is NOT STICKY its not a tape of some sort that can be stuck down on a surface. It is a tape but it has to be sewn or glue applied to one side before it can be stuck to something. It seems to be of a synthetic material with one smooth shiny silver side and a rougher non shiny side. The words 9910 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material are stamped or printed or over this under side of this grey tape like material, how much or it or how many metres of it still remain in the reel I can only guess as I am only a pass on owner in this case and wasn't the original user or owner of it before. But as you can see in the photo's a fair amount of it still remains. What it was originally used for I can only guess.

              The webbing or cloth strip reels are of two colours as seen ,one is blue and the other green, the blue reel is larger than the green and once again I don't know of their original use or the amount of webbing per reel in metres, but a fair amount still remains of each. The width of the blue webbing is 2 cm , the width of the green webbing is 2.3 cm and the width of the grey reflective material is 2.6 cm. Thickness it feels about the thickness of canvas about like a canvas blind. I currantly have no use for these reels of material and I believe someone else needs them better so they are up for sale at a modest price for the lot. Lot sale and you have to take them all if you purchase them. Price is for the lot.

Location Navigators 3352 , near Ballarat Victoria.

Prefer Local Pickup and collection. Best suited for residents of Ballarat and surrounding areas as potential buyers.

Buyers from further afield. Yes I can post the items to you but expect to pay for postage of $13 or more depending where you are as the combined weight of the 3 reels is over 1 kilo. If you are still interested please message me for a quote with your postal code.

Contact call or SMS 0400 698 644 Ron.